Software packages alphaQED and pQCDAdler by F. Jegerlehner

The alphaQED package: last update June 15, 2019

ammbook  Fortran package alphaQED instruction: "alphaQEDc17.pdf"    see also:
QED, eff (s) for precision physics at the FCC-ee/ILC" Invited Talk, 11th FCC-ee workshop: Theory and Experiments, 8-11 January 2019, CERN Geneva.
Proceeding   published in   arXiv:1905.05078

  hadr5x.f  [Standalone version: updated June 2019] (for calculation of the hadronic contribution to αQED, eff (s) and α2, eff (s) )
alphaQEDc17.tar.gz  (for the effective fine structure constant α, the weak coupling α2 and sin2Θeff (s) );  
(provides also covariance matrix and intRdatx.f routine for integrating data with various kernels)

pQCDAdler: last update August 21, 2012

ammbook  "Fortran package pQCDAdler instructions: "pQCDAdler.pdf

  pQCDAdler.tar.gz  providing experimental data and routines for pQCD predictions.

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