Useful Links

Tools and Docs:

Online Unit Converter
PostScript Programming
PostScript Specifications
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
HTML Reference Guide
Math-Symbols , HTML extra characters
iso8859 symbols
font charts; symbols ; calligraphic
all kind of sympols
Mozilla Plugin Support on Linux
symbols for html,
Latex commands
Amsmath commands
Texpower & FoilTex
LaTex figures I , LaTex figures II (for EPSF usage see DVIPS)
PSTricks Documentation
Axodraw ( doc )
HTML Named Colors (see also: RBG Color Chart ); Browser save colors RGB to Hex Converter
colordvi UserGuide , colordvi Table (may be used in LaTex, AxoDraw etc)
Postscript to GIF
HELP: DESY letters
NAG Fortran Libraries (Fully Documented Routines)
Numerical Recipes Fortran routines
Documented F77 Routines (same: F90 Routines)
Fortran Guide
GNU Fortran Guide
f77 PGI Reference Manual (f90)
DELL Latitude Manual
RSYNC Backup
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