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Fred Jegerlehner @ Waldthausen     Prof. Dr. Fred Jegerlehner
Am Wildgarten 19
D-15745 Wildau,

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Higgs Inflaton
Lectures on Higgs Inflation (IFJ Krakow Lectures) [Autumn 2014].   
Lectures on Cosmology (SU Katowice/HU Berlin Lectures) [Autumn 2009/Summer 2011].  
Other  Lecture Notes, Reviews
 [03/10/2017] Code  Software: alphaQED, hadr5n17.f (hadronic vacuum polarization), pQCDAdler (Adler function) [Fortran Codes]
  ammbook     My Book 2nd Edition: F. Jegerlehner, The Anomalous Magnetic Moment of the Muon,
Springer Tracts in Modern Physics, Vol. 274, October 2017
Update-Tables    Corrections/Updates applying to 1st Edition and to Phys. Rept. 477 (2009) 1-110 (with A. Nyffeler)

Talks, Lectures, Papers:

"Particle Physics as a Conspiracy" Invited Talk, Humboldt Kolleg ``Discoveries and Open Puzzles in Physics and Gravitation'', 23-28 June 2019, Kitzbühel, Austria.
  "The Hierarchy Problem and the Cosmological Constant Problem Revisited -- A new view on the SM of particle physics" arXiv:1812.03863   published in Foundations of Physics
Reference: Jegerlehner, F. Found Phys (2019) 49: 915.
QED, eff (s) for precision physics at the FCC-ee/ILC" Invited Talk, 11th FCC-ee workshop: Theory and Experiments, 8-11 January 2019, CERN Geneva.
   Proceeding   published in   arXiv:1905.05078
"The Role of Mesons in Muon g-2" Invited Talk, 15th International Workshop on Meson Physics, Krakow, Poland, 7th - 12th June 2018
"The Hierarchy Problem and the Cosmological Constant Problem Revisited" Invited Talk, Naturalness, Hierarchy and Fine Tuning Workshop, RWTH Aachen, 28 February to 2 March 2018
"The muon g-2 and α(MZ2): the hadronic part" Invited Talk, MITP workshop "The Evaluation of the Leading Hadronic Contribution to the Muon Anomalous Magnetic Moment",
Mainz Institute for Theoretical Physics, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, February 19-23, 2018
"aμ (had,VP) update" Invited Talk, Workshop on hadronic vacuum polarization contributions to muon g-2, KEK, Tsukuba, Japan, February 12-14, 2018
"The Muon g-2 in Progress" Invited Talk, XXIV Cracow EPIPHANY Conference on Advances in Heavy Flavour Physics,
9-12 January 2018, at Instytut Fizyki Jądrowej PAN, Kraków, Poland
"Is the Higgs boson the Inflaton?" Invited Talk 13th Vienna Central European Seminar (VCES) on Particle Physics and Quantum Field Theory,
December 1, 2017, University of Vienna ~ SKY Lounge, Wien, Österreich,  also see the comment
"Variations on Photon Vacuum Polarization" Talk, June 26, 2017, 17th International Workshop on e+e- collisions from Phi to Psi 2017, Schloss Waldthausen, Mainz, Germany
"Photon radiation in e+e- --> hadrons at low energies with carlomat 3.1" Talk , June 30, 2017, 19th Radio MonteCarLOW WG Meeting, Institute for Nuclear Physics of the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, Germany
"Is the Higgs boson the Inflaton?" Theory Seminar , December 9, 2016, Institut für Theoretische Physik, Universität Bern, Bern, Schweiz
"KLOE-2 Workshop on e+e~ collider physics at 1 GeV~ 26-28 October 2016 INFN - Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati, Italy    Talk  Proceedings Muon g-2 theory: the hadronic part
Frascati General Seminar , April 7, 2016, INFN-LNF Frascati/Italy
αQED (MZ) and future prospects with low energy e+e- collider data" Seminar, March 23, 2016, INFN-LNF Frascati/Italy
αQED (MZ) and future prospects with low energy e+e- collider data" Talk  FCC-ee Mini-Workshop ,''Physics Behind Precision'', 2-3 February 2016, CERN Geneva
"The Higgs boson as Inflaton"
Higgs Center Colloquium  Higgs Center of Theoretical Physics, University of Edinburgh, September 25, 2015
"Leading-order hadronic contribution to the electron and muon g-2"
Inited Talk  at Flavor Changing and Conserving Processes (FCCP2015) Anacapri, Capri Island, Italy, 10-12 September, 2015 Proceedings
"The Standard Model as a low energy effective theory: what is triggering the Higgs mechanism and inflation?
-- A new view on the SM of particle physics --"
Inited Talk  "Shaping UV physics" -- IPPP Durham Workshop, Durham, July 13, 2015
"How the Higgs can explain inflation, dark energy and the cosmological constant. A pedestrian introduction to a new view on the SM of particle physics" Colloquium ,
Physics Seminar at DESY Zeuthen, June 24, 2015
"The Higgs boson as Inflaton" Seminar , Faculty of Physics, University of Vienna, May 5, 2015
"The muon g-2: where we are, what does it tell us?" Invited Talk , DPG Frühjahrstagung, Heidelberg, 24. März 2015
"The Higgs boson as Inflaton" PRISM \& GK Seminar , Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz, February 4, 2015
"About the role of the Higgs boson in the early universe" Talk  , Fourth Quantum Universe Symposium QU4, University of Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands, April 16-17, 2014
"About the role of the Higgs in the evolution of the early universe" Talk  , XX Epiphany Conference, Cracow, Poland, 8-10 January, 2014
"The Standard model as a low-energy effective theory: what is triggering the Higgs mechanism and inflation?" Seminar  , Universität Bielefeld, Nov 12, 2013, RWTH Aachen, Nov 14, 2013, DESY Hamburg, Nov 20, 2013
"The Muon g-2 Theory" Talk  , EINN Pafos, Cyprus, October 31, 2013.
"The Standard model as a low-energy effective theory: what is triggering the Higgs mechanism?" Seminar  , Universität Zürich and ETHZ, May 14, 2013.
Talk  , 10th European Research Conference on "Electromagnetic Interactions with Nucleons and Nuclei", Pafos, Cyprus , October 29, 2013.
"The role of R(s) measurements in precision physics: the running alpha_em and the muon g-2 ETC* Colloquium  ,
13th Meeting of the Radio MonteCarLOW Collaboration and R-Measurements at BES-III.  ETC* Trento, Italy, April 10-12, 2013.
"The muon g-2: the role of hadronic effects at present and in future Talk  , [not given] prepared for
the International Workshop Determination of the Fundamental Parameters of QCD, NANYANG Technological University, Singapore, 18 to 21 March, 2013.
"The muon g-2: where we are, what does it tell us?" Seminar  , Universität Basel, October 11, 2012.
"Effective field theory estimates of the hadronic contribution to g-2" Talk  
The 12th meeting of the Radio MonteCarlo WG ([RMC WG]), Institute for Nuclear Physics, Mainz University, September 27/28, 2012.
"The muon g-2: the role of hadronic effects and first lessons from the LHC" Talk  
QCD-- History and Prospects: WE-Heraeus Seminar, Oberwölz, Austria, September, 3-8, 2012.
"Essentials of Muon g-2" Lectures [1]   [2]   [3]   5th Helmholtz International Summer School - Workshop
Dubna International Advanced School of Theoretical Physics - DIAS TH
Calculations for Modern and Future Colliders, July 23 - August 2, 2012, Dubna, Russia CALC12  
"The muon g-2 in the light of two photon physics and first lessons from the LHC" Talk   GK u. EMG Seminar, JG Universität Mainz, June 27, 2012
"Hadronic Light-by-Light Scattering and the Muon Anomaly" Talk   IKTP Seminar, TU Dresden, May 10, 2012
"An improved evaluation of the running sin2 θ eff and some applications" Talk
Working Group on Radiative Corrections and Generators for Low Energy Hadronic Cross Section and Luminosity, Frascati, April 16-17, 2012
The muon g-2: where we are, what does it tell us? Talk Seminar, Univ. Freiburg, 20. Dezember 2011
Essentials of Muon g-2: Talk Lecture at the SFB/TR-9 Meeting, November 14, 2011, RWTH Aachen
Implications of low and high energy measurements on SUSY models: Talk at "Linear Collider 2011", September 13, 2011, ECT* Trento (Proceedings )
Higgs --> γγ: Comment
alphaQED: Talk at Linear Collider Workshop 2010 Frascati Proceedings   (in IL NUOVO CIMENTO Vol. 34 C, N. 5 Suppl. 1 (2011) 31-40 [pdf])
Data for Hadronic Light-by-Light Scattering in Muon g-2: INT Seattle [HLbL] talk: (pdf) )
"ρ-γ mixing and e+e- vs. τ spectral functions: "(pdf)  (INT Seattle [HLbL] talk: (pdf),  DESY HH(pdf) )
" Broken Symmetries -- Nobel Prize in Physics 2008 "(pdf) 
Ustron Intern. Conf. Sep. 2009: Progress in the Prediction of g-2 of the Muon " Article [pdf] (Acta Physica Polonica B 40 (2009) 3097)
" Frascati Lectures: "[1]  [2]  [3]  [4] 
"From Quarks to Real Life" " Talk [pdf] Warsaw University, and University of Silesia, Katowice (see also Quark-Gluon Plasma:... [pdf])
"Muon g-2: what does it tell us?" Talk [pdf] Warsaw University, May 2010.
"Overview of the Standard Model value of a_mu:..." Talk [pdf] Lepton Moments 2010, Cape Cod, July 2010.
ammbook     My Book: F. Jegerlehner, The Anomalous Magnetic Moment of the Muon,
Springer Tracts in Modern Physics, Vol. 226, November 2007
ammbook     Contribution to New Book: Precision Physics of Simple Atoms and Molecules,
Lecture Notes in Physics, Vol. 745, Karshenboim, S.G. (Ed.), Springer 2008


Honorarprofessor at Humboldt-University Berlin, retired from DESY
August 1995 till August 2004 leading scientist at DESY, D-15738 Zeuthen, Germany
1995-2001 head of the DESY Zeuthen theory group
1989-1995 staff at Paul-Scherrer-Institut, CH-5232 Villigen PSI, Switzerland, teaching position at ETH Zürich and ETH Lausanne
before: Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Bielefeld, Germany
2008/2009 Humboldt Honorary Research Fellowship of the Foundation for Polish Science

Contact:        +

Humboldt Univ Telefon Number:  +49-30-2093-7646

Physikgebäude, Newtonstraße 15, Berlin-Adlershof
Last Name First Name Group Bld./Office
Jegerlehner         Fred                     HUB-COM    
1 418
 HUB E-Mail Address
Fred Jegerlehner

Also: Bld./Office 3L5, Tel. +49-33762-7-7288 at DESY, Platanenallee 6, D - 15738 Zeuthen, Germany

Field(s) of Interest:

Other activities:

ECFA/DESY LCWS Working Group "The Loop Verein"
EU Research Traning Network "Euridice"
Member of the Sonderforschungsbereich/Transregio SFB/TR09
Requirements for High Performance Computing for Lattice QCD: ECFA Working Panel (Report)

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